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Juanderful Hair Products restores damaged hair with products that are paraben, sulfate and petrochemical free!

Do you know that your shampoo could be the reason for your hair damage or loss? Most shampoos contain an inexpensive detergent which is probably the most dangerous ingredient used in skin and hair care products. The dangerous ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). Sodium lauryl sulfate is used throughout the world for clinical testing as a primary skin irritant. Laboratories use it to irritate skin on test animals and humans so that they may then test healing agents to see how effective they are on the irritated skin.

A study at the University of Georgia Medical College, indicated that SLS penetrated into the eyes, as well as the brain, heart, liver, etc and showed long-term retention in the tissues. The study also indicated that SLS penetrated young children's eyes and prevented them developing properly and caused cataracts to develop in adults.

SLS may cause hair loss by attacking the follicle. Classified as a drug in bubble baths because it eats away skin protection and causes rashes and infection to occur.

It is potentially harmful to skin and hair. Cleans by corrosion. Dries skin by stripping the protective lipids from the surface so it can't effectively regulate moisture. SLS is also connected to nitrate contamination and reacts with many types of ingredients used in skin products and forms nitrosamines (nitrate). Nitrates are potential cancer-causing carcinogenic.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is also used in industrial products including engine degreasers, floor cleaners, car wash soaps, and in household products such as toothpastes, shaving foams, and soaps.

Today's women are getting smarter about what they use on their hair. The chemicals in many hair products are damaging our hair. We are looking for all natural products. Juanderful Hair products including our thinning hair solutions contain, natural, organic, and herbal ingredients.

Some common causes of hair loss:

  •  Tight Braids, Weaves 
  •  Medications
  •  Nutrition- crash diets, bulimia, protein/calorie 
  •  deficiency, essential fatty acid or zinc deficiency
  •  Excessive use of chemicals
  •  Excessive use of heat
  •  Obstetric and gynecologic conditions such as post-partum and post-menopausal states or ovarian tumors
  •  Anemia – iron deficiency
  •  Thyroid disease
  •  Connective tissue diseases such as Lupus
  •  Stress – surgical procedures, general anesthesia, and severe emotional problems

Understanding Your Hair:

Scalp is nothing but skin on the head, which is similar to body skin. Like skin on the body, the scalp consists of two layers - the dermis and the epidermis. However, larger and deeper hair follicles are present on the scalp. When our hair has become severely damaged due to over-processing, over use of heat styling products, or simply the lack of care we must take time to undo what we have done. It took years before the damage was done, and other than cutting the hair down to the new growth, you must be patient in the correction process. Here are some terms to help you understand your hair. Juanderful Hair products are geared at reconditioning damaged hair, and protecting healthy hair. Hair should be washed once a week. Do not use shampoos that contain hair detergents for purposes of lathering. Such detergents can strip the natural sebum from the hair and cause damage.


Porosity is the hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Porous hair is very rough when dry and feels gummy to the touch when wet. When the cuticle has been damaged, it prevents moisture from being absorbed into the hair. So when the hair dries, it feels rough, like straw in a sense. Hair porosity is affected by excessive exposure to mechanical abuse such as blow-dryers, hot irons, sun, chlorine and continued use of harsh shampoos, colors, highlights and straighteners/relaxers. Hair that’s over-porous should not receive a chemical straightening until the hair has been reconditioned, or removed by cutting.


Is the outermost layer of the hair is a hard; shingle-like layer of over-lapping cells some 5 to 12 deep. The cuticle protects the inner structure of the hair. It is the first line of defense against all forms of damage. When the cuticle is damaged, the hair appears dull, tangles easily, and has a rough texture. Juanderful Hair Conditioner helps reduce tangles.


The cortex or the middle or inner layer, gives strength and elasticity to the hair. This layer contains pigments that give the hair its color. Hair elasticity refers to the ability of the hair to stretch beyond its normal length and then spring back. Normal hair when wet can be stretched to about 40 to 50% of its normal length and return. Dry hair is not so elastic, it will stretch about 20 percent of its length and return to its normal position. When elasticity damage occurs, the cortex has been seriously disrupted or even destroyed.


Severe breakage of hair should not be confused with normal shedding or hair loss. If the hair that is breaking does not contain a small bulb at the end, then you can more than likely view that as normal shedding. If it does than that is breakage that you should be concerned with. A magnifying glass can help you distinguish the difference. There are many ways in which hair can be damaged causing breakage. Mechanical and chemical degradation through the abuse of harsh chemicals, bleaching, coloring, permanent straightening, and over-use of mechanical styling aids (i.e., hot irons, vigorous towel drying and hand-held blow dryers) can cause severe breakage problem. Excessive hair loss from all over the scalp is called diffuse hair loss. Some conditions may be related to hereditary hair loss and diffuse hair loss in women. It can occur from body imbalance, which in turn disturbs the normal hair growth cycle. Hair loss is a delicate subject, in which case you should consult with your physician. Other factors that contribute to hair loss: birth control pills, anesthetics, surgery, high fever, trauma, crash diet and age.

Vitamin Deficiency:

A deficiency of these vitamins & minerals can be the cause of hair breakage: 
Vitamin B; Vitamin E; Iron; Zinc; Silic;  

A lack of these whole foods can also be the cause of hair breakage: 
Sunflower Seeds, Almonds; Walnuts; Dark Leafy Greens, Flax-seed Oil  

Dry Flaky Scalp:​

Dry flaky scalp! If you have a dry or flaky scalp it could be for a variety of reasons. Changes in weather climates can affect scalp moisture. Winter produces a dry climate in houses and the cold air outside makes skin chapped. Medications can also cause dry scalps. It is very important to correct dry flaky scalps as sebum build up can clog hair follicles which could lead to early hair loss. Many "store brand" dandruff shampoos are very abrasive on the hair and can damage the hair. Juanderful Hair Vinegar Rinse is excellent for dry flaky scalp.

DOs and DON'Ts:

Do shampoo your hair weekly

Do sterile combs and brushes weekly

Do not vigorously rub hair when towel drying

Do wash your head scarves and hair coverings weekly

Do not allow chemicals to stay on longer than the recommended time, just because it is not burning

Do comb the hair in a different direction every so often

Do not allow strangers to touch your hair as you do not know what is on their hands or where there hands may have been

Do make sure you rinse all of any type product out of your hair, chemicals, shampoos, etc

Do not scratch scalp with finger nails

Do not share hair combs or brushes

For more about our treatment for damaged hair, contact us today!
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